FloorLink CRM system for flooring business

Case Study:    Redi Carpet Uses FloorLink.net for Multi-family Contract Flooring Diagramming and Sales



The Challenge

Redi Carpet is a major flooring contractors for multi-family flooring market in southern states. Headquartered in Houston, Redi Carpet operates in 10 major locations across Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Virginia, Florida. Carpet Wagon operates 9 retail stores and a new in-home service unit. Carpet Wagon has been expanding its reach through acquisitions and organic growing. 

Tracking floor layout, estimates and installation diagrams of thousands of apartment properties that are located across the service areas is the major challenge to ensure accurate carpet usages, as the diagram and product usages are repeated used over years. Before seeking FloorLink.net and FloorEstimate Pro solution, all these diagramming and estimates are done manually with pencil and paper. As the volume is huge, any small saving of product usages and efficiency gained over the estimating and installation process will be accumulated to big savings.

The Solution

Redi Carpet has been looking for an enterprise level solution for years and compared major products in the market before selecting FloorLink.net and FloorEstimate Pro estimating solution. The major reason is the unique integration of FloorLink.net CRM with its own flooring estimating software solution (FloorEstimate Pro). Also Floor Covering Soft has been closely working with Redi project team to uniquely fit the special needs of Redi Carpet's multi-location operation. Training is also provided on-demand to its corporate IT and operation personnel. Specifically,

The Result

The deployment has been deployed in stages and FloorLink.net becomes integral part of Redi Carpet's in-house IT system.