FloorLink CRM system for flooring business

Customization Services

Dedicated Web URL: YourBizName.FloorLink.net

FloorLink.net can be dedicated to your business with following features:

Sample dedicated customer sites: 

Carpet Wagon: http://cw.floorlink.net

Carpet King: http://ck.floorlink.net

Redi Carpet: http://redi.floorlink.net


Host Your Own Web Site Name: www.YourWebName.com

If you already have a web site domain, it can be hosted with FloorLink.net server and integrated with FloorLink.net. For setup and hosting cost, please contact support@measuresquare.com or call 626-683-9188 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm for detail.

Custom Programming and Web Development

For other custom requirements, please contact support@measuresquare.com