FloorLink CRM system for flooring business

Case Study:    Kahrs International (North America) Uses FloorLink.net for

Commercial Flooring Project Tracking

The Challenge

Kahrs International (North America) has been distributing hardwood and laminate flooring products in north America over the last 10 years in US and Canada. Currently it has sales operations in major metropolitan commercial flooring market and has a team of sales reps across many states.

As commercial flooring projects normally take 1-2 years to go through planning, product selection, contract negotiation to actually installation, tracking and assigning leads across the life-cycle of a project has been a challenge with its sales management team. Head office needs to know the status of projects in each regions and also the projected product usages to plan it on. Before FloorLink.net was deployed, the sales management was using Excel templates to compile the project status, product usages and other key indicators through email, phones and faxes to communicate between field sales reps. The process was very tedious and inefficient.

The Solution

Kahrs International (North American) had compared several CRM solutions (including Salesforce.com) in market before selecting FloorLink.net CRM system.

The major reason for deploying FloorLink.net is because it is specifically designed for flooring industry. Also Floor Covering Soft provided the customization services to uniquely fit the special needs of Kahrs' sales operation needs for CRM system as well. Training is also provided on-demand when new staff users are added. Specifically,


The Result

The deployment has been successful and now project tracking has been made easily through the collaboration over FloorLink.net.