FloorLink CRM system for flooring business

Case Study:      Carpet Wagon Uses FloorLink.net for In-home Services and

Store Sales Management

The Challenge

Carpet Wagon has been in flooring business for more than 20 years in greater Los Angeles. Currently Carpet Wagon operates 9 retail stores and a new in-home service unit. Carpet Wagon has been aggressively marketing its brand and services through local radio, newspaper ads, mailing fliers and Internet search marketing. 

Tracking and assigning leads generated from multiple channels has been a challenge with its call center dispatch team. Field sales reps need to be notified what assignments he gets next day, meanwhile the reps need to report the sales status of home visits he makes over the day. Using Excel, phones and faxes to communicate between field reps and central office is very tedious and error-prone.

The Solution

Carpet Wagon has been using FloorEstimate Pro estimating software since early 2004. And they turned to Floor Covering Soft for its web-based FloorLink.net CRM system. Floor Covering Soft has helped Carpet Wagon deployed FloorLink.net solution to automate its in-home and store operations. It went through a morning training session by Floor Covering Soft trainer and took about a week for reps to get familiar with the system. Now a standard workflow is streamlined:

The Result

The deployment has been successful and now FloorLink.net becomes integral part of Carpet Wagon's in-home services daily operation.